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How teleconsultation works

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Download the app using your smartphone or tablet.


Choose a doctor

Review their profile and qualifications to select a doctor who fits your needs.


Get advice or treatment option

Get advice, treatment options and a prescription if needed.


...and feel better

From the comfort of your home. Anytime, from any place.


How appointments work

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Join Dr. Button

Register quickly and easily through the web app or directly through the mobile app.

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Choose a doctor

Chooses a specialty and the doctor of choice.

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Book your appointment

You can book either an online or office appointment with the doctor. Easy and fast.

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Never miss an appointment again

Receive an automatic reminder to never miss any of your appointments.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Dr. Button is a digital health service, carefully designed to fulfil the needs of medical consultation.

Services currently include: Teleconsultation, Symptom Checker, Personal Health Record.

More about our services

What to expect from Dr. Button


Your health in your hands 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


GDPR compliance and encryption technology guarantee your teleconsultations are private and secure.


Improved efficiency helping you save time, money and effort.

Meet some of our doctors

Get quality healthcare, when you need it.

Our doctors are trusted and compassionate providers who have received training on how to use Dr. Button teleconsultation service.

With a wealth of experience from various specialties, you can rest assured you will receive quality treatment.

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See a doctor online. Anytime, from any place.

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Media mentions

Patient Partnerships Awards 2020

Dr. Button won the Gold Award for the initiative to provide teleconsultation services against COVID-19 in the "Best E-Health Initiative for Patients" category.

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