Custom solutions for our partners

Corporate Solutions

Dr. Button provides telemedicine services to insurance companies, corporations, hospitals and clinics to cover healthcare needs with innovative solutions. We deliver custom solutions to ensure people get access to high-quality care, no matter where they are.

Insurance companies

Delivering added value

Dr. Button works with insurance companies to offer policy holders unique healthcare services. Ranging from teleconsultations to members, automatic symptoms checker, medical advice to travelers, the services are guaranteed to provide unmatched value to customers.

Improving efficiency

Dr. Button helps corporations deliver innovative benefits to their employees, making high-quality healthcare accessible to all. By incorporating Dr. Button’s services, employers benefit from increased productivity, improved efficiencies and lower costs.

Empowering digital transformation

Dr. Button enables hospitals and clinics to adopt the latest technologies to expand their services and improve outcomes through digital means. By incorporating Dr. Button white label solutions, hospitals and clinics gain competitive advantage, add value to their patients and doctors, save on costs and optimize operations.

Telemedicine solutions for hotels

Dr. Button meets the needs of hotels for telemedicine, with modern and flexible solutions that enhance their competitive advantage. The services cover access to remote medical services for counseling and guidance of visitors and hotel staff, as well as connected digital medical devices.

Our partners

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