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Dr. Button’s Terms of Service

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  1. Introduction

1.1. Thank You for visiting www.drbutton.gr, the official website for Dr. Button, an intermediate service provider between You, as individuals and healthcare providers.

1.2. Please review these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy carefully, as You are required to agree to these and any other legal documents as partial consideration for being permitted to access our Web App, Mobile App or Service. If You do not agree, please leave our Web or Mobile App immediately and do not attempt to use our Service.

1.3. These Terms of Service form an agreement between You and Dr. Button.


  1. Preamble – Corporate information

2.1. During its Bêta-phase, Dr. Button is owned and operated by the single member private company under the corporate name “STEPHANE BILLON TECHNOLOGIES MONOPROSOPI IKE” with distinctive title “SB Technologies”, a company registered under the Greek Law, with Tax Registration no. (AFM) 800934726 and GEMI No. 145272340000, with its registered seat at El Venizelou St., No. 141, PC 41222, Municipality of Larissa, lawfully represented herein by Ms. Irène Katsonis Bakal, daughter of Konstantinos.

2.2. SB Technologies, is an IT company specialised in Software Engineering and Agile Project Management.

2.3. As part of its activities, SB Technologies is opening a Beta Test for its application Dr. Button, which aims to become a proper company, providing a real teleconsultation platform between You, as healthcare providers and individuals.

2.4. These Terms of Service will supplement the general terms and conditions from SB Technologies and are intended to define the conditions by which SB Technologies is developing a Beta Test for the App first, and by which the final App of Dr. Button will provide intermediation Services.

2.5. These Terms of Service shall take precedence over the general Terms and conditions should any conflict arise between these two documents.


  1. Definitions

Throughout this Agreement, We may use certain words or phrases, and it is important that You understand the meaning of them. The list is not all-encompassing and no definition should be considered binding to the point that it renders this Agreement nonsensical:

Agreement” refers to these Terms of Service;

App” refers to the mobile version of this Website;

Beta Test” refers to the phase during what the App will be tested before its commercialization;

Dr. Button” refers to the service of teleconsultation as proposed by Our Website or App //

Dr. Button” refers to Our company, Our Site located at www.drbutton.gr; Our Mobile App available in mobile app store; or Our Service, depending on the context of the word;

Final version” refers to the definitive version of the App, after its commercialization;

Service(s)” refers to the services that We provide through Our Web or Mobile App;

Site” refers to Our website www.drbutton.gr;

User / Users” refers to any user of the service, Individuals, Testers of the application during its Bêta-phase (few users of the application, chosen by Us to test and help to improve Our application) and Healthcare providers (doctors with whom individuals are linked);

We / Our / Us” refers to SB Technologies;

You / Your” refers to you, the person who is entering into this Agreement with Dr. Button.


  1. Modification of the Terms of Service

4.1. We reserve the right to change and update these Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice. The User is advised to regularly refer the Terms of Service for possible changes.

4.2. We may conduct such modifications to Our App for various legal reasons, including but not limited to security reasons, intellectual property, or other reasons at Our discretion, and We are not required to explain such modifications.


  1. Our Service

5.1. The Beta Test

5.1.1. The Beta Test will hereafter be defined as the portion of the development process of the App which will allow the Testers to use it before it is marketed effectively in order to allow for the implementation of large-scale testing, to participate in its improvement and to find any and all possible residual dysfunction.

5.1.2. We reserve the right to propose or not the Beta Test phase to the Testers of Our choice. The Beta Test will be offered in Our sole discretion, depending on the expectations and the targeting intended by Dr. Button.

5.1.3. We will invite, by email, certain Testers to register themselves by using their email and creating a password, either on the Web App or the Mobile App. After their registration, the Testers will be able to use the App immediately.

5.1.4. The Healthcare providers will have to be approved first, before they can be enabled to access the App and actually appear in the system.


5.2. The Final version

5.2.1. The Final version of Dr. Button is exclusively an intermediate service provider between You, as individuals and healthcare providers, and should not be considered as a healthcare provider itself. The Agreement concluded between Dr. Button and You is, indeed, a simple Services Agreement, for the appointment booking in order to realize a video consultation. Dr. Button is not liable for the content, the quality of the examinations, and/or advice provided in the context of the video consultation.

5.2.2. Accordingly, You agree to use the App only in its planned and intended purpose that is solely an intermediate platform for teleconsultation between You and the other Users permitting to put You through together and helping individuals to ask and receive Healthcare providers’ advices.

5.2.3. In any case this App could be compared to an emergency service. In case of medical emergency, please contact the following number: 112 in the European Union.

5.2.4. Moreover, any pathology that involves a face-to-face consultation with a Healthcare provider does not entered in the framework of this App.

5.2.5. In case of disagreement from a User, he is asked to not access or use this App. Indeed, the use of this App implies full acceptance of these Terms of Service as at the date of the registration.


  1. Eligibility

In order to use Our Service, You must meet a number of conditions, including but not limited to:

  1. You must not be in violation of any embargoes, export controls, or other laws of the European Union, or other countries having jurisdiction over this Agreement, Dr. Button, and Yourself.
  2. You must be the minimum age required to enter into a contract in the area in which You reside, and, in any event, must not be less than eighteen (18) years age.
  3. You must provide Us with accurate information that We deem necessary to provide You with Our Service.
  4. You must not have a medical emergency, as stipulated in Section 5.


  1. Rules of Use

Meeting the above eligibility criteria will permit You to access Our Service, but You must follow some rules subsequent to being given access. Indeed, You must not:

  1. Violate the laws of the European Union or any foreign political entity having jurisdiction over this Agreement, whether or not the foreign political entity is a country or a subdivision (such as a state of province) or municipality (such as a city, town, county, or region) of a foreign country.
  2. Hack, crack, phish, SQL inject, or otherwise compromise the security or integrity of Dr. Button Site, Mobile App, Service or its Users’ computers or phone.
  3. Use Our system to provide diagnoses or other medical advice to third parties.
  4. Do anything else which, in Dr. Button’s judgement, might bring Our business into disrepute or harm the interests of Dr. Button or any third party.


  1. Our copyright

8.1. Dr. Button relies heavily on its unique content to distinguish itself from other competing applications, regardless of whether they are health-related.

8.2. Because of this, it is important that We protect Our content from being copied and reposted, as it both removes Our uniqueness in the eyes of consumers and has the potential to lower Our search engine rankings due to the fact that Our content is duplicated on Websites located elsewhere on the internet or on Mobile App.

8.3. So that, You agree not to copy, distribute, display, disseminate or otherwise reproduce any of the information on the Site or Mobile App without receiving Our prior written permission.


  1. Trademarks

Our Site, Service, and business. This trademark is well-known within the meaning of Article 6bis of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and protected further by the Council of the European Union’s Trademarks Direction no. 2008/95/EC.

Our prior written consent.

Our trade dress, or copy the look and feel of  Our Site and Mobile App or their design, without  Our prior consent.


  1. Liabilities and Warranties

10.1. As Software manufacturers, We are responsible of all manufacturing issues, but do not guarantee any stability, reliability, or availability of the App.

10.2. Our responsibility may be duly incurred too in the event of damage and/or loss of data stored, recorded, posted online by You and in the same logic, of any security breach. However, We cannot be held responsible for any network dysfunction and/or improper use of the App by You.

10.3. You agree that We are not responsible in any way for damages caused by third parties who may use Our Services, including but not limited to people who commit intellectual property infringement, defamation, tortious interference with economic relations, or any other actionable conduct towards You.

10.4. We are not liable for any failure, negligence, or other tortious activities on the part of any third party to whom You may be putted in relation by Dr. Button. So that, individuals agree that We cannot be liable for all advices provided by the Healthcare providers, which are chosen according their medical skills and suitability to exercise a medical profession.

10.5. You agree not to use the App for illicit or illegal purposes such as, in particular, identity theft and guarantee the exactitude and accuracy of the information disclosed.

With these assumptions, We reserve the right to terminate immediately Our relation, without prejudice to any damages which could be claimed from Dr. Button.

10.6. You also shall bear any consequences relating to malfunction of the App which are resulting from any use by Your staff or any person whom You have provided Your name(s) and password to. Similarly, You bear the consequences of the loss of the passwords mentioned above.


  1. Wireless Charges

Please note that We are not responsible for any data charges Your wireless phone service provider may charge You when using Our App or Service. It is solely Your responsibility to review the pricing policies and pay for data or internet charges billed by  Your wireless phone service provider.


  1. Force Majeure event

12.1. All events that are considered to be unpredictable and insurmountable making absolutely impossible the execution of the Agreement are normally reputed Force Majeure events.

12.2. Accordingly, You agree that We are not liable to You for anything that We may otherwise be responsible for, if it is the result of events beyond Our control, including but not limiting to, acts of God, war, insurrection, riots, terrorism, crime, labor shortages (including lawful and unlawful strikes), embargoes, postal disruption, communication disruption, unavailability of payment processors, failure or shortage of infrastructure, shortage of materials, or any other event beyond Our control.

12.3. If We become aware of a Force Majeure event which gives rise to any failure in performing any of Our obligation under this Agreement, We will:

  • promptly notify You in fifteen (15) days, and,



  1. Terms, termination and unsubscribing

13.1. Term

13.1.1. For the purpose of the App Development, the present Terms of Service will be conducted for an indefinite period during what Dr. Button, reserve the right to suspend at any time the Beta Testing phase.

13.1.2. Indeed, Dr. Button can be allowed to not renew the App at the end. In this case, it will endeavour to give prior notice to the Testers and proceed to erase all data stored by itself on the App.

13.2. Termination, suspension and limitation of the App

13.2.1. Non-compliance by Users relating to the provisions detailed in Articles 5 to 10 of these Terms of Service, including any activity and/or content specifically prohibited by Dr. Button, which are likely to rise to civil liability and/or criminal and/or likely to prejudice the rights of a third party lead to the right of Dr. Button to disconnect the App and/or suspend it without delay and prior notice and to terminate immediately the relationship, without prejudice to any damages which could be claimed by Dr. Button.

13.2.2. Dr. Button reserves the right to restrict, limit or suspend the App without notice or compensation if it appears that Users are using it provided to it for any activity, whatsoever, that does not comply with these Terms of Service or does not match the purposes of a test being conducted as part of the Beta Test phase, and/or the purposes of the App itself.

13.2.3. In any event, the measures for restriction, limitation or suspension of the App shall be exercised according to the seriousness and recurrence of a failure. They are determined regarding the nature of the deficiencies found; not by default.

13.2.4. You agree in advance that Dr. Button may perform a restriction, limitation or suspension of the App offered, should it receive a notice to that effect notified by a competent authority, administrative, arbitration or judicial settlement in accordance with laws and regulation.

13.2.5. On Your side, You can ask for a cancellation of the subscription or a suppression of their personal data, at any time, by submitting a written request at the following address:  drbutton.gr. Please note that fifteen (15) days are necessary to complete the form request.


  1. Assignment of Rights

You may not assign Your rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to any other party without Our prior written consent. We may assign Our rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to any other party at Our discretion .


  1. Law and jurisdiction

15.1. These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek Law. The offer and acceptance of this Agreement are deemed to have occurred in Greece.

15.2. The Users agree to submit any disputes or questions relating to the use of the App and to the application of these Terms of Service to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Larissa, in Greece.


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